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If you, like many of us, spend more time at work than doing the things you love, with the people that matter, then you are not getting life right.

Getting your finances in order. Planning for the future. Making sure the basics are covered. That’s a great start. But it’s only half the picture. It’s time to change your attitude and give yourself permission to live. Not to stress to save, to never sleep and only sometimes smile. But to really live. To embrace life in all its beautiful glory, challenges and possibilities.

Remember how it felt to feel good? Remember that dream you had when you started your business, relationship, project or investment? Correlation Coaching adjusts your attitude through combining life legacy lessons, personal development with financial planning and wealth creation. We’ve spent years mastering the art of playful profitability.

Discover how to change your attitude towards wealth and wellness.  Let’s Play!


Because we combine life development with financial planning to get you on the right track (not the fast track) to living your legacy – starting from a point of transparency, self reflection, sharing and dreaming is critical. 

Click and complete our assessment document, or connect with us and we will complete the assessment with you. We really are here for you, every step of the way. With your goals and dreams defined, we will use our unique set of skills and products to create a solution that builds your legacy. 

Then, we will walk the journey with you, until the change becomes the norm. Let’s begin!

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We are not aligned to one specific financial services firm. We do not favour one product, service or solution over another. We are fiercly independent and will remain so. We have chosen this path so that we have the flexibility and scope to create your action plan for your life, your legacy. We will not force you into a box or lead you down one path. We will create a solution that works for you, within your budget, towards your dream destination. Creating time is aspirational but very achievable. This is your action plan. And action will be required. We will guide you. We will support you. We will empower you.

But we cannot do it for you. Let’s do this!


Success means different things to different people. Success is not one ultimate prize, but a series of small wins along the way. Whether you measure achievement in wealth, time, love, travel, impact, change, knowledge, space, sleep or health, your Correlation Coach will pause at each milestone – reminding you to celebrate the small wins. Practice gratitude. Develop life skills. Embrace change. Make a difference. Plan for the unexpected and Live that Legacy. 

Click here to request more info about our products, programmes and partners that we’ve selected and developed over many years to ensure that we deliver on our promise to you. Become a part of the Correlation Community and you will live a richer, more rewarding life. Defined by you. Designed by us. Let’s succeed!

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A Testimonial: "Thorough & Thoughtful"

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