Our Story

Our Story Narrates Your Success

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... he lived happily ever after.

Our services, skills and solutions align to create your happily ever after. We start your story at your fairytale ending, and work backwards from there.

When you have earned the freedom of choice, when you are living your legacy. When you have time to play – then our story has been told.

Let us share the story of a hero, just like you…

Explore the basic financial planning principles with your Correlation Coach.

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Once upon a time

Our hero dreamed a big dream.  But he also put in the hard work and was starting to reap the rewards. We helped him to budget and plan so that he was living within his means. 

As soon as his expenses were lower than his income… we showed our hero how to save. 

Decrease debt and increase savings over time.

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Then there was a house

It was not long before our hero bought a house. Investing in assets was an exciting step along his life adventure. He didn’t realise it yet, but his solid financial habits were already giving him choices he didn’t have before.  We showed him how to insure in order to protect his assets.

The magic happens when the assets are owned and insurance is no longer needed to protect the debt.

Increase fixed assets and decrease liabilites to build personal wealth wellness.

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Along came a Family

Our hero’s house was not empty for very long. He met the girl of his dreams, got married and two years later, they welcomed healthy twin daughters into their lives. Our hero should have been happy, but his heart was heavy. He had provided a home for his family, but what would happen if he was hurt, retrenched or even worse?

We showed our hero how to protect his legacy and his investment chapter was written. We selected the products that worked for him. Our hero was happy again.

Explore retirement investment products to protect your loved ones and their future and live the retirement lifestyle you’ve earned.

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The Life became the Legacy

10 years passed. Our hero had heard our advice, stuck to his strategy and suddenly, as if by magic, he realised that at this very moment he had no debt, no financial fears. His assets were his, his policies were about to mature and, he could do whatever his heart desired. 

That feeling of freedom, of control, of confidence overwhelmed him. He’d done it! He was a wealthy man. And, because he is our hero, he simply smiled at his wife as he had done for decades, and started the story all over again… but this time, the heroes in the story are his children.

He was living his legacy.

Your savings are up, your debts are down. You own your assets and you’re living your best life. Your policies are paying out. You have the freedom of choice. You’re our hero.

It's not the days in your life, but the life in your days that count.